Cable tie

Item number: KZ0002

0,61 €

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Item no. Variation Price Quantity
KZ0002.100.025 100 x 2,5mm 0,61 €*
KZ0002.150.025 150 x 2,5mm 0,94 €*
KZ0002.200.025 200 x 2,5mm 1,30 €*
KZ0002.150.036 150 x 3,6mm 1,43 €*
KZ0002.200.036 200 x 3,6mm 1,93 €*
KZ0002.300.036 300 x 3,6mm 2,86 €*
KZ0002.200.048 200 x 4,8mm 2,50 €*
KZ0002.300.048 300 x 4,8mm 3,93 €*
KZ0002.450.048 450 x 4,8mm 6,35 €*
KZ0002.250.076 250 x 7,6mm 6,35 €*
KZ0002.300.076 300 x 7,6mm 7,39 €*
KZ0002.400.076 400 x 7,6mm 9,92 €*
KZ0002.550.076 550 x 7,6mm 14,71 €*
KZ0002.750.088 750 x 8,8mm 26,17 €*

including 19% VAT., plus shipping

All dimensions are shown in millimeters, all weights are shown in grams.
The images are provided for illustrative purposes only, they do not constitute a contractual element and refer to a single variant/size. Images, technical data, dimensions and drawings are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes at any time without notice. The dimensions are defined and shown more clearly in the item description. Other dimensions only serve as support and better clarification.


Kabelbinder neutral

Universelle Kabelbinder für die schnelle und einfache Befestigung von Kabeln, Rohren für eine dauerhafte Fixierung.
Industriequalität zum Discounterpreis!

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