The European Registration Evaluation Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation has been in effect since June 1, 2007. REACH is a regulation for EU-based manufacturers of chemicals, EU importers of chemicals and all companies that use or handle chemicals. Chemical producers and importers are mainly involved, but under certain conditions also companies that use chemicals in the broadest sense (the so-called downstream users).

Depending on the annual quantities produced or used, technical dossiers or a report on the chemical safety of chemicals must be drawn up. The lowest threshold that triggers these obligations is the production or processing of at least one tonne per year of the respective substance.

HT CONNECT GmbH & Co. KG is a downstream user within the meaning of the EU regulation. The chemicals we use (e.g. PVC-U glue) never reach the lower limit of 1 t / year, therefore it is not necessary to prepare any technical dossier on them according to the EU regulation.

The registration of the chemicals used and the preparation of technical dossiers or chemical safety reports are the sole responsibility of our suppliers. Please understand that we as merchants cannot provide any information on chemical raw materials according to REACH. Of course we are available to answer any questions.

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