Supplier declaration EG 1207/2001

Supplier declaration, customs tariff number, country of origin

Information about the country of origin/country of purchase of the individual goods and the goods code (customs tariff number) can be found on our delivery note or the invoice.

Please note:

  • the country of origin is not the preferential origin

  • we do not create a long-term supplier declaration!

dual-use goods

With Council Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009 of May 5, 2009 (EC Dual-Use Regulation), the EU has defined common licensing requirements and procedures for all EU member states when exporting dual-use items. These are goods that can be used for both civil and military purposes (e.g. certain chemicals, machines, technologies and materials, but especially software or technologies).

A check is made as to whether the goods we sell can represent dual-use goods not performed by us. If you plan to export, please note that the export of non-listed dual-use goods may also require a license under Article 3 of the EC Dual-Use Regulation.