Zinc-coated steel pipe retaining clip DIN 3016
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Item number: SZ0115.0W1

Item no. Variation Price Quantity
SV0100.000.006 6mm 0,33 €*
SV0100.000.008 8mm 0,33 €*
SZ0115.0W1.010 10mm 0,35 €*
SZ0115.0W1.012 12mm 0,39 €*
SZ0115.0W1.014 14mm 0,40 €*
SV0100.000.016 16mm 0,44 €*
SV0100.000.018 18mm 0,46 €*
SZ0115.0W1.020 20mm 0,49 €*
SV0100.000.026 26mm 0,56 €*
SV0100.000.032 32mm 0,67 €*
SV0100.000.040 40mm 0,77 €*
SZ0115.0W1.050 50mm 1,01 €*

including 19% VAT., plus shipping

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Pipe retaining clip - in accordance with DIN 3016 - zinc-coated steel

These pipe retaining clips are suitable for all kinds of fastening and retaining applications: pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other.

Advantages overview

  • Easy installation and secure fastening
  • Reinforced band ends for extremely high mechanical loads
  • Rubber profile against vibrations, creeping water, sounds and contact corrosion
Rohrhalterungsschelle W1

Pipe retaining clips in accordance with DIN 3016

  • 1 Form-fit and adjustable band
  • 2 Reinforced band ends
  • 3 EPDM rubber profile